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At balanced we specialise in business growth and financial awareness with mindfulness at the forefront of what we do. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to build and develop your business with clear direction.

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mindfulness &
your business

Using mindfulness when carrying out tasks in your business has proven invaluable to business owners, from CEO’s of multinational organisations to sole traders who are running every part of their business themselves. 

We can often get overwhelmed by some of the tasks we have on our endless “to do” list. We avoid some of the most important parts of our business because we either don’t know what we should be doing or we are so inefficient at it, it will takes hours, days, weeks to complete

Financial Freedom at Home

Are you living pay check to pay check? Does your money seem to “disappear”? Finding it difficult to pay your bills and prepare for the future?

Mindful Financial Reporting

Something that has always bothered me was why so many businesses were not reaching their full potential while others seemed to have huge success without seeming to do a whole lot more work. Some of the hardest working people I have ever met struggled to make a sustainable profit. I spent a long time asking myself why?

Outsource the Stress

Are you wasting your valuable time dealing with parts of your business that could be outsourced? Don’t have time to hire, train and spend even more time ensuring certain tasks are completed in a timely manor? There are certain parts of your business that someone else could look after but it wouldn’t justify hiring a new member of staff for the few hours these tasks take on a weekly/ monthly basis.


Our tailored training programmes are designed, developed & delivered to your organisations specific requirements.


Guest Speaking

Empower and re-energise your staff with a discussion on how mindfulness can improve their personal and work lives.

Start Ups-
Setting up for success

We suddenly have a self-expectation, to be experts in Marketing, Accountancy, Administration, Web-design, Graphic design and everything else that comes up. Every new business owner goes through periods of fear, where the realisation of how much needs to be done and the eternal internal question, “am I doing it right?” takes over.

"Before I started working with shirley I was really overwhelmed with my finances..."

Holistic Life & Business Coach

"Shirley has been a fantastic help since coming on board!
she takes care of our payroll and VAT...

Dead Centre Brewing

"Shirley showed me how to look after my own accounting..."


Energise, Educate, Empower

Shirley Dempsey