Financial Freedom at Home

The Road to Freedom

Are you living pay check to pay check? Does your money seem to “disappear”? Finding it difficult to pay your bills and prepare for the future? Stressed out at the thoughts of Christmas, a Communion/ Confirmation, a Wedding, college fees and where the money will come from to pay for it? Feel like your debt is getting on top of you? 

Let me ask you this… Do you have a budget?

One of the First Lessons My Mother Thought me as I Entered Adolescence was the Art of Household Budgeting...

Woman throughout history ran the household and with that, came the task of creating a household budget. Men would go off to work and whatever money came into the house at the end of the week was needed to pay bills, food, clothes, home improvements, cars, parties, Christmas, replace old appliances, buy a new bed, prepare for another babies arrival, entertainment, the list is endless. Women managed the money without there ever being an option to borrow from a bank or put it on a credit card. The Art of household budgeting was passed from mother to daughter for generations. Then as times changed and more woman went out to work, there wasn’t enough time in the day. We began to struggle to balance work, childcare, preparing meals, seeing friends, household chores, homework and the list goes on. Banks and credit card companies saw an opportunity and began to advertise how they could “help”. We began to buy things that we once would have budgeted for, on credit and boom a nation of instant gratification, over consumption & mindless spending was born. With this sadly the art of budgeting was no longer required and was lost.

Fast forward...

The Recession of 2008

Banks were no longer offering loans, credit was a thing of the past and all of us experienced wage cuts and job losses. People swore they would never get caught in the debt trap again, but many of us are still paying for our past mistakes. But how do we avoid that same cycle from reoccurring? 

We need to re-educate ourselves and our future generations and realise the most important business you will ever run is your own home. Get a budget together, clear debt and finally be financially free.