Mindful Financial Reporting

The Road to Success is Planned...

Something that has always bothered me was why so many businesses were not reaching their full potential while others seemed to have huge success without seeming to do a whole lot more work. Some of the hardest working people I have ever met struggled to make a sustainable profit. I spent a long time asking myself why?

"After quite a bit of research I discovered that many of these business owners despite working incredibly hard, were not working smart!"

Many of the businesses I looked at, had no idea what part of their business was costing the most and what their most profitable service or product was. They had no idea where they should be directing their greatest energy. 

Even more avoided their accounts completely until tax return time when they handed over a file to their accountant containing all of the items that were requested. Having forked out quite a bit of money, what they got in return was a nod saying you’ve made a profit, here’s your tax bill or a look of sympathy, knowing there was no profit again this year and a little advice to maybe start thinking about letting the business go. 

Almost all looked at me very strangely when I asked
if they had a budget...
Ermm no, why? Should I?

Why are you spending money to file taxes and accounts that you never look at again?

These are tools that you can learn from. The filing of your return is the end of the sequence. Not the only step! 

Let’s get you started with a financial reporting pack that you can manage yourself, that will give you up to date information to enable and empower you to take control and grow your business.