Our Tailored Training Programmes are Designed, Developed & Delivered to your Organisations Specific Requirements.


One to one programmes. Do you have an employee that would like to upskill, or finding it difficult to get through their daily tasks due to office inefficiencies? It is easy to send staff to a training course or seminar, which they will often enjoy and find beneficial, however when they return to work, are they able to translate what they have learned to their own tasks. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have onsite or online training, one to one, for your employee to gain the skills that they require, to be more efficient, engaged & productive. Training can be tailored to create a more efficient environment for your staff to spend time on the tasks that can benefit the business rather than pointless admin tasks that are outdated and not providing value for time spent.

Mindfulness at Work Workshops

1/2 Day or Full day workshops are available and tailored to your requirements and the number of delegates. What is mindfulness, Why does it work? How can I incorporate mindfulness into my daily life Having a mindful approach to work. Calendar blocking and creating mindful efficient work procedures. Creating a mindful workspace. 

Using mindfulness in the workplace can lead to a healthier, happier work environment for your employees, leading to greater employee engagement, a vast improvement in productivity and less sick days. It can also create an environment for innovation and creativity. 

Create a workplace that you and your employees are happy to be part of!

Hire Me to Train Your Team

Our tailored training programmes are designed, developed & delivered to your organisations specific requirements.