Moon Money 6 Week group course – Online



Join a community of like minded women embarking on a journey to financial freedom.

This online course will be held each Thursday evening at 8pm starting on ******** right before the New moon. All sessions will be recorded so if you miss one you won’t fall behind and all material will be sent out in advance of our group meeting.

The course has been designed to work with our natural and divine wisdom, which is so connected on a physical and emotional level to the moon. Starting with gratitude & manifestation on the New moon, followed by the crescent moon which is so perfect for working hard on putting the practical steps into place. Continuing from there each week following the moons phases to ensure our work comes naturally to our physical being, rather than working against our own circalunar rythym.

Each week we will work together through an area, that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential whether it be in manifesting, embracing your divine feminine wisdom around finances  or on a practical level with managing your money and budgeting.